Tactical Dice Bag!

Back in October, I (Roxy) was doing my usual wake-up-and-scroll-through-social-media routine when I spied an Instagram ad from the D20 Collective for what looked like a tactical dice bag. This caught my eye for a couple of reasons; namely, John’s game bag/laptop bag is one of those Call of Duty Retribution Tip of the Spear tactical backpacks, and I thought this “tactical” dice bag would look great, strapped on to the outside.

And it does!

I ordered one of both the black and tan variants and once they arrived, we immediately put them into use. As I mentioned in the Dice Bags blog post, I mentioned that one of our younger dogs had feasted upon my go-to bag, so I was excited to get my hands on a studier, larger bag that could hold my collection.

The exterior is a tough, waterproof canvas while the generous interior (I have 13+ sets of polyhedrals in mine and room for another 10 at least) is made from a thinner material that boasts a Velcro pocket that I have found is very useful for holding my smaller my mini dice separate from the others. It is closed by a quick drawstring and slide-lock that keep it closed securely and protects your dice from falling out or being snatched from someone who might get a little too curious. The outside features three pockets: one Velcro pocket that holds some phones (won’t close over the top of my iPhone 8), writing accessories, or chargers (I keep 8 FATE/fudge dice in it and have no fear of them falling out); a slim mesh pocket on one side below the drawstring (I tuck my drawstring into it); and a canvas pocket of same width also nicely sized for the writing utensils adorns the side opposite the mesh. The back has woven straps akin to MOLLE beneath two sturdy snap straps that allow it to be attached to a bag or belt for easy portability.

I have been very pleased with the quality and functionality of this bag and it has been a terrific addition to our gaming gear. Check out links below to purchase your own!

John & Roxy

Posted on January 26, 2018 .