Venom (Lethal Protector)


Lethal Protector

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


Rumors have been floating around the internet for the last few days that Sony is taking the first steps towards their own R rated Venom movie.  The newest rumor is that the movie will not take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like this July’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.  So this may mean that Venom will NOT interact with Spider-Man.  If this is the case, WHO will be the host to the alien symbiote.


Clothes Make The Man

A Venom movie that does not involve Spider-Man will be tricky due to the fact that Spider-Man isthe main catalyst in the creation of Venom.  After his original costume is damaged in battle during the original Secret Wars, Spider-Man is told of a machine that will create a new one.  Mistakenly using the wrong machine, Spider-Man inadvertently unleashes an alien symbiote and brings it back to Earth where it bonds with disgraced ex-reporter Eddie Brock, who’s biggest story was proven to be false by Spider-Man.   


After Spider-Man spurns the symbiote after it tries to bond with him, Brock and the symbiote bond to become Venom and destroy their mutual enemy.  The symbiote even informs Brock of Spider-Man’s secret Identity.  This would make it difficult to keep Venom’s original origin for the movie.  After one or two separations, the symbiote would leave Brock when he developed cancer.  Brock even sold the symbiote at a super villain auction to it’s next host. 


If At First You Don’t Succeed (As A Villain)

Mac Gargan, known originally as the Scorpion, won the symbiote and used it as a part of a team of villains led by Norman Osborn.  Even with the symbiote’s power added to his own, Gargan was easily defeated by Spider-Man.  Later most of the symbiote was removed from Gargan’s body, but Osborn was able to tap into what was left and transform Gargan into the Spider-Man of his Dark Avengers.  After the Dark Avengers are taken into custody, Gargan’s body is cleansed of any remaining trace of the symbiote.


Secret Agent Symbiote

The symbiote then falls into the hands of the United States Government.  Wanting to create their own super powered agent, high ranking officials give the alien costume to recently wounded soldier Flash Thompson.  Flash would go on to battle some of Spider-Man’s enemies while only being able to wear the suit for no longer than 48 hours, to keep the alien from taking control of his mind.  Eventually “Agent Venom” would leave Earth to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy and solo as “Venom: Space Knight”.


Return of the Monster

After Flash and the symbiote are separated through as yet unspecified means, the symbiote discovers a black market deal between Spider-Man enemies Black Cat and Tombstone.  Greatly weakened, the symbiote bonds with the first person it can get ahold of at the scene.  After bonding with discharged Army Ranger Lee Price, the symbiote begs him to join him as a hero like Flash had before.  Price isn’t interested and then overpowers the alien and goes forth to become another villainous Venom.


So if the Venom movie cannot use Spider-Man or the rest of his world, which Venom will we see? One of the military versions? An Eddie Brock completely free of Spider-Man’s influence? Or a completely new host? Let me know what YOU think! &


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