Cosmic Cubes (talk about an identity crisis)

Cosmic Cubes

(talk about an identity crisis)

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


I’m sure all the Marvel Comics fans saw the explanation this week about last month’s “Hydra Cap” situation.  Once again, the Red Skull (SPOILER ALERT) is using a cosmic cube to either alter Captain America’s memories or the past itself.  This formerly shattered cosmic cube reformed as a 4 year old girl named Kobik.  This is nowhere close to being the first time something like this has happened.  Cosmic Cubes are always evolving into higher, sentient entities.  Don’t believe me?  Keep Reading!


Shaper of Worlds—First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #155 (September 1972)

the original and maybe most well known of evolved cosmic cubes, The Shaper of Worlds was originally the cosmic cube created by the alien Skrull race.  Because cosmic cubes imprint on the personalities of the beings that use them, the Shaper destroyed a large portion of the Skrull’s intergalactic empire, having been influenced by the power hungry Skrull emperor.  After it matured, The Shaper sought to create life, not destroy it.  It has had legendary encounters with The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and Captain America. 


Kubik—First Appearance—as Cosmic Cube, Tales of Suspense #79 (July 1966)—as Kubik, Avengers #289 (March 1988)

Kubik was the original Cosmic Cube of Earth.  After several attempts to be used by villains such as the Red Skull and Thanos, the Cube evolved into a higher lifeform thanks to the help of Captain America and the Aquarian.  Kubik originally left Earth to learn from his new teacher, the Shaper of Worlds.  Kubik is later drawn back to Earth when it senses energies similar, but weaker to its own.  Discovering the Avengers in battle with the artificial Super Adaptoid, Kubik investigates only to have his cosmic power absorbed by the android.  After Captain America defeats the Adaptoid, Kubik removes all of his power plus the sliver of another cube the Adaptoid possessed.   


                 Kosmos—First Appeanace/created in: Fantastic Four #319 (October 1988)

Just as Kubik had been the student of the Shaper of World’s, the being known as Kosmos became the student of Kubik.  The Cosmic Cube that would later evolve into Kosmos was formed by the merging of The Molecule Man and The Beyonder.  The two were originally thought to be two halves of the same Cube, though that was later proven false when the Molecule Man was ejected from the formed Cube and revealed years later to be a secret weapon of the Beyonders race.  After Kosmos evolved, it traveled the universe for awhile with Kubik learning until it evolved (or devolved) again into a more mortal humanoid woman named Maker who was insane.  Later it was Thanos ironically who saved the universe from her madness. The Maker was eventually killed by Annihilus’s Annihilation Wave. 


So what does any of this mean for the Marvel Universe?  Is it just a coincidence that Kobik’s name is similar to Kubik and Kosmos’s?  Will we see a reappearance of the Beyonder?  Let me know YOUR thoughts and theories! 


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