Marvel's Best of 2016

Marvel’s Best of 2016

(In My Opinion)

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog

For my last Marvel blog of 2016 i thought I would list some of the best books I read from Marvel this year.  If you’re a newbie looking to get into Marvel Comics or an old school fan, none of these titles will disappoint.


Black Panther

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Artist: Brian Stelfreeze

This is required reading for all Black Panther fans, especially if you aren't familiar with the character or just know him from the MCU.  More than just a “superhero” story, this series almost feels like a living, breathing thing.  These stories are big plays that engage you on a cerebral level, as they should since Black Panther is more than just a hero, but also a warrior and head of state. 



Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Ron Garney

Not only is this series a good jumping on point and informative for new fans, but it’s also entertaining for old school Daredevil fans.  Matt Murdock and his alter ego are back to basics.  Matt is now working as a prosecutor for New York City and Daredevil is back defending the streets against new villains Tenfingers and Muse. Daredevil’s secret identity is also a secret once again, now if Mr. Soule would just tell us how… 


Captain America: Sam Wilson

Writer: NIck Spencer

Artist: Daniel Acuna

While the big controversy about Captain America this year stemmed from Steve Rogers “Hydra Cap”, Sam Wilson honored the legacy of the Captain America mantle in his own series and in his own way.  This series tackles real world issues in a modern superhero way.  What is it like to be a Captain America that only has the support of half the country, especially when your cosmic cube manipulated predecessor is trying to sabotage your efforts?



Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Mike Hawthorne

Of course any best of Marvel 2016 list has to include the most popular character of movies and comics of the year, Deadpool.  This series highlights Wade Wilson’s attempt to juggle his life as a member of the Avengers, a husband, a father, solo operator, and still keep his ever crumbling sanity in the face of new archenemy MadCap.


Occupy Avengers

Writer: David Walker

Artist: Carlos Pacheco

While this book has it’s origin in tragedy, it has the potential to be Marvel’s new fun road trip comic.  After Hawkeye kills Bruce Banner at the scientist’s request, Hawkeye finds himself on the outs with the superhero and spy community.  Searching for purpose, Hawkeye travels the country seeking to right wrongs and find himself.  How is that an Avengers team you ask?  After the first two issue arc, the longtime Avenger is joined by Native American hero Red Wolf with Nighthawk and more members set to appear in the near future.  New readers will enjoy this book as well as old school fans who will get a classic West Coast Avengers or Thunderbolts vibe with a modern twist. 



Writer: Jim Zub

Artist: Jon Malin

And speaking of classic Thunderbolts vibes, the original villains turned heroes are back together!  With new team leader Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier and the cosmic cube masquerading as a four year old girl Kobik, you won’t be able to decide who or what this team is.  Heroes? Villains? Something in between?  And classic fans are in for more fun with the recent return of Songbird and even Jolt in the near future. The best anti-hero team of the 90’s is back with a vengeance!


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

Writer: Gerry Conway

Artist: Ryan Stegman

Starting out as Secret Wars miniseries, this alternate reality story of a still married Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson Parker raising their young daughter Annie proved so popular it recently became an ongoing series.  Old school fans will love the classic feel of this story, between a married Spider-Man and a Peter Parker still working at the Daily Bugle.  New fans will love the easy jumping on point and easily accessible characters.  There’s something here for everyone as the whole family participates in the superhero action!


Mighty Captain Marvel

Writer: Margaret Stohl

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

While this series only has one issue out so far (issue #0), it already has me hooked.  What do you do after you win the second superhero civil war and become one of the most popular heroes in the world?  This is what Carol Danvers has to figure out while being Earth’s first line of defense against any and all extraterrestrial threats.  Issue #0 also featured a look into Carol’s past, and how her interactions with her family, especially her father, would decide the course of her life.  A fresh new take on Captain Marvel’s life while also honoring and using what came before in the previous Captain Marvel series.


What were YOUR favorites of 2016? Tell Me!!


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