Doctor Strange: The Fate of Dreams

Doctor Strange: The Fate of Dreams

One Magical Weekend

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


As was predicted, it appears as though Doctor Strange is going to be the number one movie at the box office this weekend.  Whether your a longtime Doctor Strange fan or a newcomer to the adventure of Stephen Strange, I highly recommend the new novel, Doctor Strange: the Fate of Dreams as a must read companion to the movie.  


Origin and Background

Without giving away any spoilers, the new Doctor Strange movie goes into Strange’s life as a doctor before he learns the ways of magic.  But where did Stephen Strange come from before that?  The novel goes into Strange’s family history, his childhood life with his parents and siblings, especially his sister. 


Dreamy Villains

Want to know more about Doctor Strange’s various villains?  This novel features one of Doctor Strange’s classic villains, one of the rulers of the Dream Dimension, the creature known as Nightmare.  While evil and powerful in his own right, Nightmare comes to Doctor Strange for aid against a new, bigger threat.  Has Nightmare met his match or is this a plot of the dream ruler?


  Larger Marvel Universe

While it newer fans will enjoy this story, longtime and current Marvel Comic readers will get a more in depth experience with this story.  Between the feel of fitting in as a classic Doctor Strange story and all the references to the current continuity, this one has it all.  References to Parker Industries, The Bar With No Name, and mystics including Monaco this story is definitely part of today’s Marvel Universe. 


The Author

Not only is Devin Grayson one of the nicest people I’ve ever spoken too (Look for our new interview soon), but she is an experienced writer especially in the world of comics.  Her most well known comics work is probably her time on Batman: Gotham Knights, Nightwing, and Titans.  Her work at Marvel includes two different Black Widow series and Ghost Rider: The Hammer Lane.


So if you couldn't tell by now, I’m giving this book the highest rating and recommendation.  Go see the Doctor Strange movie and on the way home stop by your local Barnes and Noble and pick up Doctor Strange: The Fate of Dreams.  And check out all things Devin Grayson at and @Gothamette on Twitter.  


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