Daredevil: Man without Fear…of various different storylines

By  Phil Perich for The 'Nuff Said Universe

I’m sure if you're a Marvel fan and reading this blog that you either are in the midst of watching the Netflix Daredevil series or you binged watched it and you’re done.  I’m not here to give any spoilers but instead to talk about some of the classic Daredevil stories in his monthly Marvel comic title.  The following are some of the biggest Daredevil storylines that altered his life forever!  The only order for these is chronologically when they happened:

Born Again: 

In the Born Again storyline (Daredevil #227-#233) Former Nelson and Murdock secretary Karen Page, who had gone to Hollywood to be a big star, is revealed to have become a heroin addicted porn star who, looking for her next fix, sells the last thing of value she has—Daredevil’s secret identity!  This information eventually finds it’s way into the hands of Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin of Crime.  Fisk uses this info to destroy Matt Murdock’s life (take away his license to practice law, blows up his home) before he attempts to have him murdered.  Matt has a nervous breakdown but is able to survive with the help of the mother he long thought dead.  Karen arrives in town to warn Matt about what she has done but is almost killed by her dealer until she is reunited with Matt.  Matt doesn't don the Daredevil suit again until he has to defend Hell’s Kitchen from Fisk’s secret weapon—The super soldier known as Nuke!

Fall of the Kingpin: 

In this sequel to Born Again (Daredevil #297-#300), Wilson Fisk is trying to build a legitimate media empire when he runs afoul of Hydra.  Seeing that he and the terrorist group are working towards the same goal, the “dethroning” of the Kingpin, Daredevil bids his time and let’s Fisk and Hydra go to war and steps in when he has to tip Fisk over the edge.  There are some powerful scenes in this storyline including how Daredevil takes out Kingpin’s then top lieutenant Typhoid Mary.  Of course the Kingpin would eventually return but not with the overall reach he had before.

Fall From Grace: 

This storyline was a BIG game changer for Daredevil.  Not only did Fall From Grace (Daredevil #319-#325) feature a new armored costume for Daredevil, but also the return of Elektra and the death of Matt Murdock!  What?  Certain unsavory reporters had gotten their hands on the secret of Daredevil’s identity, so with the death of an identical Daredevil doppleganger (Thank you Infinity War), Daredevil fakes Matt Murdock’s death to protect his loved ones.  He pretended to be a new, more violent Daredevil in a new costume and used the name Jack Batlin (In honor of his father Battlin’ Jack Murdock) until a nervous breakdown forced him to “return” to Matt Murdock.

Guardian Devil: 

This storyline is a big game changer not only because it was the start of a new Daredevil series (Daredevil volume 2 #1-#8) or because it was written by filmmaker Kevin Smith, but for the events that took place.  The story begins with Matt Murdock without Karen Page. Karen has moved to the West Coast to figure out who she is without Matt.  Matt then encounters a 15 year old girl who claims to be a virgin but had a baby through immaculate conception.  The girl then leaves her daughter in Matt’s care because she says “God told her to.”  Matt is then visited by a man named Nicholas Macabes who claims the baby is the antichrist and Matt must kill it immediately.  Matt’s Catholic faith is sorely tested as he tries to discover the truth, even going so far as to enlist Dr. Strange’s help in questioning Mephisto.  But the plot against Matt takes a deadly turn when the person behind it sends Bullseye to kill a recently returned Karen like he did to Elektra years ago.  Bullseye succeeds.  Enraged, Matt tears through all obstacles to get to the mastermind behind it all—classic Spider-Man villain Mysterio.  Mysterio found out he was dying and wanted to leave behind a legacy by taking out a superhero.  He tells Daredevil how he bought his identity from the Kingpin and figured Daredevil was an easy B-list hero to target.

When Daredevil refuses to kill him, Mysterio pulls a Kraven the Hunter and commits suicide by shooting himself.


I hope I’ve been informative and informed you new fans about just a little of Daredevil’s rich history.  What did you all think?  Any other story I should have included?  Thoughts on the new Daredevil series? Let me know:

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