Doctor Strange (You don't want him making a house call!)

Doctor Strange

(You don't want him making a house call!)

by Phil Perich for the Nuff Said Universe

I’m sure everyone has seen the pictures that were just released for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.  This movie will be a big next step for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Not only will it introduce another element to the MCU (magic & the supernatural), but introduce Doctor Strange himself, who is a big deal in the Marvel Universe.  Don't believe me?  Here are some reasons:


  1. Once a brilliant surgeon, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange became the current Sorcerer Supreme after he injured his hands in a car accident. He is now the primary protector of this universe against all magical and supernatural threats.  If any superheroes or law enforcement agencies (such as Shield) have a mystical problem, they turn to Doctor Strange. 

2. Doctor Strange’s enemies consist of some of the most powerful mystical and other dimensional beings such as Nightmare, Shuma-Gorath, Mephisto and probably the two villains mostly associated with Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo and Dormammu. 

3. Doctor Strange formed and was the leader of most versions of the Defenders team.  The original Defenders team consisted of Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, Hulk, and Namor the Submariner.  You have to be pretty smart, tough, and patient to keep that group in line.

4. At one point, Doctor Strange had a falling out with the Vishanti, the mystical entities that “power” his magic.  During this period, Doctor Strange found new mystical strength in chaos magic and was also able to create a separate being that acted as his proxy which only went by the name Strange.

5. During the recent Secret Wars storyline, The mysterious entities known as the Beyonders were destroying every universe by causing two at a time to collide in events known as Incursions.  The Beyonders were able to defeat all opponents to their plan, including Thor and cosmic beings such as the Living Tribunal.  The only two beings able to battle them and take the remnants of the surviving universes and shape them into a “battleworld”?  Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange!

As I said in the beginning, we just saw the first pictures from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch that hits theaters in the US on November 4, 2016.

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