The Day of The Rats

      Today there was only one player, so I came up with something that he should have been able to do.  While as I write this you can also hear the podcast on Itunes under theswamppitw's cast.
      The story starts with our hero waking up and going to his shop.  He has decided that he is going to sale armor.  Allowing him to do this I have come up with a side story that his aid is going to steal the shop while he is out on adventurers.  the problem with that is the player just hands over the business to his aid.  has get goes off to find himself.
      The hero tries to join the army, but they don't want to take him because he is not a good fighter.  In two fights he hit twice, and was not able to finish the five mile run.  So off to the job board he goes.  The only job his is able to do on his own is Rat Hunter.
      The Rat Hunters are being paid by the Army So Adaih has one more chance to work for or with the Army.  After taking the job, Adaih find out that the places with the most rat problems are the temple district and the House of Knowledge.  He chooses to go to the temple district.  It is not much of a district there are three temples.  Two of them did not have any rats and the third one Adaih would not go to for it was the Temple of The Raven Queen.
      Not finding any rats at the temples Adaih made his way to the river.  On his way he found a little wood house, when he went inside it looked like it was a temple.  There were two benches and altar and on each side of the altar two candle sticks mad out of gold.  After a while he found the trap in the candle stick and fell through the floor.  He found a room with four rats and thus found his death.
Posted on February 16, 2014 .