A Wizard named Mckell

      Last night I was able to work on Neverwinter.  There are two paths right now the hero's can take, they can go find a Wizard named Mckell.  I wanted to use the Wizards real name but my friend did not get back to me with his name so I just named the Wizard after the player.  If the Players go to see the Mckell  then they will encounter 6 orc's .
      The reason the players would go to see McKell because he is collecting artifacts to try and find out what happen to his race.  So there is a chance that he might know something about the Dwarven city that the players are looking for.
       If the players go to the House of Knowledge they will run into two orc's that have been cursed with the Spell Plague.  I don't really have any thing for the House of Knowledge yet but we know that there are demons inside.
      I have plenty of time to figure out what artifacts McKell is going to send the adventures after and what is inside the House of Knowledge for this week we are not playing and next week we are going to Play Awesomeman and the Green Dragon.  
Posted on February 20, 2014 .