A New Start and is it Spring time et?

      In the last game of Neverwinter the hero's died again.  They were more worried about trying to get some crap stuff back from some robbers, and they should have been worried about running away from the evil temple.  So now it is time to start over again.  One player is going to be a Warden and the other player is going to be a Female monk.
      Here are the things I am going to do in the Spring time of Neverwinter.  First I think the group of Orc's that live in the city are going to start getting more bold and try to take over more of the city.  Second and the one that is going to be the stage of this adventure is going to be a group of Dwarfs that are looking for the forgotten city, it is going to be a large group of holy leaders.
      So tonight/today I need to create my NPC's I am thinking a cleric and two paladins.  It is possible that the group will have it's problems but that is going to be part of the fun.  I might use a few of the build options for the cleric and one of the paladins.
Posted on December 18, 2013 .