Next time run!

      This time the group decided that they were going to setup an ambush to try and caught the thugs that attack the avenger.  There plan was that they would find an ally way and wait for them to attack a sleeping mage, then when they did the group would attack.
      The plan might have worked, there was just one problem, the day before the avenger and the rouge helped the mage escape from a temple that was going to use him for their testing.  The priest were able to find them and tried to get them to come back to the temple.
      The dwarf tried to bluff his way out of the encounter by putting dirt on his face and telling them his name was Pedro.  He thought it worked when they let him go but then one of the guards shot him in the back with a cross bow.  The avenger was like what the crap are you shooting him for and the priest pointed out that he too was wanted by the church for helping the mage escape, so he could go back to the temple in peace or he could be killed just like the mage.
       While a fight broke out and the avenger was able to get off one good attack with a rock and then he forgot that he had no weapons and rushed in to fight hand to hand.  The fighter and rouge could not hit any thing or any one.  The cleric was not able to get close enough to attack and heal and the mage got to cast Burning Sphere one time and the group was then over come.  The lesson of todays story is when you escape from an evil place run and run fast.
Posted on December 15, 2013 .