A Drinking Game

      Our story starts in the Inn of the Shady Lady, a bar that may or may not be my go to bar name.  On this day the Dwarf enters the bar to see a man in the corner getting a half eaten lamb from the bar made, after getting his drink he approaches the man and said to him "good sir I would not eat that if I were you."  After a dressing this man the Dwarf returned to his set to meet a Minotaur that tried to rob him.
      After the failed robbery the Dwarf went to his set and the Minotaur took his set, but witching the other and witching the Human in the other corner.  Finally The Dwarf went to the Human and challenged him to a drinking contest. The Human did not want any part of this so the dwarf sweetened the deal by giving all his money to 10 gold of the Humans, the Minotaur wanted in on this deal also putting in all his money which was zero gold.
      The first drink: The Human was able to drink an extra tall glass, of course the dwarf got his down, but the minotaur was  caught trying to not drink his glass.  The dwarf was the one who caught him so the dwarf got him with a magic missile, and then allowed him to keep drinking.  The second drink:  This time the minotaur drank his and was not able to hold it and passed out.  The human also passed out, but the dwarf keep his down and won the game.  The dwarf took the gold from the human, and tried to get his gold from the minotaur but the minotaur had no gold, so the dwarf took his sword for payment.
      After the Dwarf took the sword from the minotaur he woke up the human.  it was time to make introductions and  make plans to adventure for fame and fortune and glory.  So the two set out to find a job board that they may find all of those things in the city of Neverwinter.   On the way to the job board this group of two was attacked by the minotaur looking for his sword.  In order to get his sword he needed to pay for his debt, which he was not able to do so he joined the group to get money to pay his debt.
      At the job board the group found two jobs that they could do right away the first was to help a lady find her boyfriend who was lost in the air somewhere around Fellcrest.  it was going to pay the group 500 gp.  In the process of finding a good map, the human spent all of his gold.  The super good map showed the group that in order to get to Fellcrest they had to go through Helm's Hold, which leads us to the second job.  Escorting a lady to Helm's Hold.
      When the lady was finally ready to leave night had come to the city, but there was no time to waste.  The guards told the group not to go but they went any way and shortly after leaving the city they were attacked by a group of orcs.  The group almost died when out of the wagon the   lady was in came a pink light and killed all the orcs saving the day.

Posted on November 3, 2013 .