There is a Neverwinter game coming up so it is time to get the three NPC's together so the hero's don't get killed to fast. 
      Today I created Scar.  Scar is a Minotaur rouge, in order to create Scar I used the 3d6 in order so his con is 9 after his +2 to Con.  His Str is 13 after a +2.  Because he is a rouge he can only use simple weapons so daggers and the like.  I am thinking that he might take feats in order to use a great ax, and better armor, we will see what happens.
      tomorrow I will do the cleric I am thinking she will be a sharedmind we will see, and then I will make the fighter, I don't really use the build options that are in the books but I am thinking I will use the pit fighter build just to see how it goes, I feel that because it is an NPC I can break my own rules.
Posted on October 22, 2013 .