Josh's Inner Dorkdom Journal: Episode 6

Not a whole lot happened this week/weekend, but I’ll give a little rundown of what did.

I bought a Kindle Fire HD. After having a normal Kindle 3G Keyboard for a while and getting some time with both my sister’s and Todd’s, I decided to go through with an upgrade. So far, I really dig it. The main thing I like is the fact that my Amazon account is completely tied to everything on the Kindle. Now, I can read my books, watch movies, download apps and buy nearly everything my heart desires all from 1 portable device. Sure, I had my laptop, but my laptop is quite big. Rather than go with portability, I went with functionality, so the laptop is only good if you wanna lug a briefcase around all the time. Also, Todd sold me on Amazon Prime. That’s the Amazon who has accepted the Matrix of Leadership, put it into its chest and commands the Autobot legion.
Or, it’s an $80 per year service in which you get free, 2-day shipping on nearly everything from I just started back to school and bought my textbooks from there. Since I get free shipping on all those books (totaling nearly $300), Prime has already paid for itself. Quite a deal, really.

Saw Texas Chainsaw this weekend (Saw Texas Chainsaw? Weird wording). T’was a bloody mess… and not in a good, horror sort of way. This movie should be avoided unless you REALLY have to see every film starring the villainous Leatherface. The movie claims to be a true sequel to the Tobe Hooper directed, original film of the 70s, but it doesn’t really feel like it. The setup for the movie (the family from the 1 st film are confronted by the police following the events of said film) is okay, but I remember when another director (Rob Zombie) did the same sort of thing, only he pulled it off waaaaaaaaay better (The Devil’s Rejects).

In short: The movie’s not scary, nor does it offer the same kind of look into the disturbed, deranged criminal mind as the original did so well over 30 years ago. Instead, it just comes off as another lackluster movie made to cash in on the whole 3D thing.

That’s about all I’ve got for now, but I’ve got a few article ideas I’m working on. Speaking of which: I know last week I promised an article titled, “What IS Core Gaming?,” but I’m just not ready to put it out yet. It’s done, but it’s in a very rough form and needs a lot of polishing. In the meantime, I’ll release a couple of other articles, hopefully, over the next few days.

Posted on January 16, 2013 .