Southgate Media Group’s Third Annual Podcast Marathon is a live event at the Blue Box Café which will be held October 7, 2017. The event will be 13 hours long featuring original content consisting of 20+ podcasts performed live  at the Blue Box and streaming on the Southgate Media Group YouTube Channel.

Admission is free*. 

*Suggested donation of$10

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What exactly is the SMG Podcast Marathon about?

The SMG Podcast Marathon is all about celebrating indie podcasts and creativity.  We want our marathon to connect seasoned and newer podcasters alike to each other and to podcast fans.  It’s a chance for people to see their favorite podcasts live and hopefully discover some new favorites.  Our marathon is full of podcasts created by podcasters for the love of podcasting, not about celebrity guests that have nothing to do with podcasting. It’s about creativity, and expression, and the independent spirit not a means of showcasing corporate produced content and agendas.  It’s about having fun in a great setting and geeking out to your passions.  The SMG Podcast Marathon is what happens when podcasters that are truly excited about their passions get a chance to share first hand with fans that are just as passionate about their own.

What can you expect this year?

How about 13 hours of live podcasting? Sounds cool, right?  We’ve got 20+ shows covering a wide variety of topics starting at 8am and running until 9pm, and that’s just at the Blue Box Café (which will stream live on YouTube and Facebook).  We also have a live video marathon going on at the Capes and Lunatics YouTube Channel for shows that couldn’t travel to the café that day.  All said and done there will be over 30 podcasts and acts over the course of 13 hours.  As always, fans attending will witness how diverse the podcast community is, hopefully breaking the misconception that podcasting is only done by white guys and internet trolls.  What can you expect?  A good time that’s safe, all-inclusive, fun, and overflowing with creativity.

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