Red Robin (Death and/or Rebirth?)

Red Robin

(Death and/or Rebirth)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


Those of you familiar with my World’s Finest Podcast (@worldsfinestpod) may have heard me recently speculate that Tim Drake’s days on Earth may be numbered.  After spending most of his time during New 52 with the Teen Titans, Tim has come home to join Batman’s hand picked team of defenders.  But since Tim told his girlfriend Stephanie Brown he plans to quit soon to go to college, the internet exploded with the rumor that Tim is about to die. 


This wouldn't be the first time a Robin died or was believed dead.  Jason Todd & Damian Wayne have both been killed by enemies only to be resurrected later, Damian after only a year or so.  Dick Grayson and Stephanie Brown have both been believed dead only to have their deaths revealed to be hoaxes.


While I do believe this may be another “gimmick” death to attempt to boost sales and gain media attention, my theory is that when Tim Drake eventually returns, it will be in an altered state.  Why do I say this?  In the most recent Batman Beyond series, an older Tim Drake was thrown into the future where he replaced a supposedly deceased Terry McGinnis as the future Batman.  But as with the Robins, Terry is shown to be alive, this time under the control of the villain Spellbinder.  After returning the uniform and role of Batman to Terry, Tim hits the road to find his destiny but quickly disappears in a flash of light.


So was this a time anomaly?  Was Tim erased from existence because his younger self is about to die?  Or is an older, more experienced Red Robin about to hit the streets of Gotham?  The recent Detective Comics storyline has Tim and other young heroes (even villain Clayface) in a kind of bootcamp supervised by Batwoman under Batman’s orders.  But if an older, hardened Red Robin returns, is he going to be open to or willing to take orders from anyone, even Batman?  This would maybe provided an opportunity for the book I want to see, Team Robin!  


Recently Nightwing and Red Hood have been operating more and more on their own and even Damian hasn't been seen much by his father’s side.  What do you think? Want a Team Robin book? Have we seen the end of Red Robin?  Or will one die and another version take his place?  Let me know YOUR thoughts!


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