The Multiverse: Not As Big As You Think

The Multiverse: Not As Big As You Think

by Phil Perich for the Legends Of DC Blog


It was just announced recently that while Supergirl will join the other DC heroes of the CW Network during the week long crossover, her show’s “universe” will not merge with the “universe” of the other three shows.  While this is a disappointment to most of the fans, this doesn't mean Supergirl and her supporting cast are limited to a once a year get-together.  The DC Universe has a long history of heroes traveling from alternate Earths many times to stay or just for a quick team up.


Justice League/Justice Society

It all began with the original team up of Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, the Flashes of their respective Earths One and Two. The Justice League of America of Earth One and Justice Society of Earth Two would have regularly scheduled get togethers every summer from 1963 to 1984.  While this would be similar to the year crossovers the CW show have, many of the heroes would have solo team ups throughout the year, so who’s to say that Supergirl couldn't do a quick crossover with just one of the shows later in the year.  It’s already been announced that towards the end of the season Supergirl and Flash would have a crossover musical. 


Charlton Comics

After the Charlton Comics company went out of business in the 1980’s, DC Comics used the opportunity to fold many of the former companies characters into the new Singular DC after the collapse of the multiverse in the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries.  Several notable characters were retconned in as having always been in the DC Universe including Captain Atom and Blue Beetle. 


Power Girl

Kara Zor-L aka Karen Starr was Earth Two’s version of Supergirl.  She was the cousin of Earth Two’s Superman, although she was older and more experienced than her Earth One counterpart.  After Crisis on Infinite Earths combined the histories of multiple Earths into one, Power Girl searched for years for the secret of her origin.  For a while she thought she was the descendant of an Atlantean sorcerer until the return of the mutiverse and she rediscovered she was a survivor or the Earth Two universe’s Krypton along with her cousin.  Even after she discovered she was from Earth Two, Power Girl remained on Earth One until the Flashpoint miniseries rebooted DC’s entire line of books.


So in summary, just because a character is in their own separate universe doesn't mean he or she can’t interact with their peers. So who knows how many crossovers we’ll really get and what form they'll take.  What do YOU think? Let me know!


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