Flashpoint CW (Barry's Bad Day)

Flashpoint CW

(Barry’s Bad Day)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


While most fans of the Flash TV show assumed that the show was going to do their take on the timeline altering Flashpoint storyline, it was all but confirmed this week on Twitter when show star Grant Gustin revealed the title of season three’s first episode—Flashpoint.  So this got me thinking, how similar could the CW shows get to the comic book miniseries?  Well, here is some speculation on my part.


Like Son, Like Father

In the comic book storyline it was Bruce Wayne, not his parents, who were killed by a criminal in an alley.  Thomas Wayne would go on to become a more brutal Batman than Bruce would have ever been and also the owner of Wayne Casinos.  Martha Wayne, driven insane by her son’s murder, would become this timeline’s Joker. Since there has been no word on introducing Batman or any of his allies into the CW shows yet, what if the Batman role was replaced by someone operating as (Green) Arrow?  We already know that Robert Queen became the Arrow on Earth 2 after Oliver died on the yacht there.  Or what if we see an older, more violent Oliver?  Stephen Amell made a cryptic remark on Twitter about debuting his salt and pepper hair.  Is it the new timeline that has prematurely aged our hero?


Area 52

Why was the Flashpoint timeline such a dark place?  One reason was an absence of hope.  Once again the past played out differently and Superman was never taken in by the Kents when he crash landed on Earth, but was instead taken prisoner by the US Government who feared he was an alien conquerer.  The Man of Steel remained helpless for most of his life as the government kept him locked away from the Sun. He was finally freed by the Flash, Batman, and Cyborg.  Even though Superman is making a few appearances on Supergirl in season 2, what if it is Supergirl who ends up being the political prisoner?  And to make matters worse, could the head of the prison end up being Hank Henshaw or Alex Danvers herself?  


Citizen’s Arrest


Even though Barry Allen never gained superspeed or became the Flash in the new timeline, Central City was still protected.  Leonard Snart went by the alias of Citizen Cold and was considered by some as a hero to the city.  Others weren't quite so welcoming as Cold would kill his enemies.  This would be the easiest one to pull off on the shows.  Who wouldn't want to see Wentworth Miller play the protector of Central City? 


The Calvary

In the comic books, Booster Gold was the only person besides Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne who retained any knowledge of the original timeline thanks to being outside the time stream at the time it was altered.  This role could easily be filled by the Legends of Tomorrow team.  And the end of this storyline resulted in the main DC timeline merging with the Vertigo and Wildstorm universes to create the New 52.  What if the TV version is what merges Supergirl’s Earth with the rest of the CW Earth shows? 


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