The Legacy of Superman

The Legacy of Superman

by Tyler Patrick for the Legends of DC Blog

I have been a Superman fan my entire life. I was excited when Superman Returns was released because it was my first experience seeing Superman on the big screen. I saw it 3 times.


When Man of Steel was released I saw it in theaters 3 times. Upon the release of Batman V Superman, I was able to see it 6 times in theaters.

The third time I saw it I was with my brother. When Superman comes flying in I heard a little boys' voice yell out "Superman"!  That was it! That is the feeling of hope and excitement that Superman should create. 


I'll be one of the first to say that Superman was not able to shine as much in BVS. There should have been another solo Superman film before it, but there is still hope for Superman to shine in Justice League.
Cavil is a great choice for the role. The material he was given is debatable. 


DC comics has recently begun Rebirth in their comic series and we have seen a rise in the hope and inspiration that Superman brings. This fall we will see Superman as we meet him on the CW's Supergirl. 


The character has stood for generations as a symbol of hope and inspiration. A role model for every generation, the image has been retooled to reflect how Superman would be in that society.


I'm not debating individual stories. What I'm saying is the character is still shining bright and inspiring the young. I am happy to see the icon being continued.


Superman has become part of the world's culture and
I look forward to seeing the inspiration that is continued through his legacy  for every little child cheering "Superman"!

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