Superman & the Modern World

My good friend Tyler Patrick wanted to share some more of his thoughts and views on Superman with you, so without further ado...

Superman & Modern World

by Tyler Patrick 


Is Superman more than a character of fiction?  He is an icon,  a world institution but he's also a role model a compass of our morality. Is that odd for a character of fiction to be seen this way? 

Superman was created as a Moses allegory a family sending their infant son away in a vessel to perfect him. But over time writers and film makers has given Superman a messiah Jesus complex.  

The character has come to represent more of this view, and my discussion starts here. Why that's important, people as a culture will argue and fight and hold nothing back when it come to religion, politics maybe sports, but what about fiction? Can we debate fiction like adults? Like civilized people? Can we look at Superman for what the character stands for and agree anddisagree but not fight each other over it?

How powerful is that, what does that mean for our culture? When creating a character like Superman we are butting hopes and desires of something better into the character what we want to see in the world a force for good that we long for an example for people to look to measure ourself to. Superman is a reflection of the will we wish we had to make a change in our world something people can get behind with out fighting and with out taking their beliefs and being made to feel challenged. 

If we lived in a world where more people wanted to be like Superman what would that look like? 

Wasn't that the reason he was created and sent to earth? 

You can hear more of Tyler's thoughts on all things Superman & Supergirl on the Krypton Report, the podcast he cohosts with his wife Junia.  You can find the podcast and many others at


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