Supergirl Finale

Supergirl Finale

(Who or what is in that pod?)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog

If you did not watch Supergirl’s season 1 finale, go watch it and come back to read this!  Ok, that’s your last spoiler warning. Here we go.  On last night’s finale episode, Kara saved the Earth from Non and Indigo and all seemed to be going great for Supergirl.  Then the episode ended with a pod crash landing in National City.  This pod looked very similar to the one that brought Kara Zor-El to Earth.  The episode ended with Kara opening the pod.  We don’t see who or what is inside (CBS you better give us a season 2), but Kara appears shocked and from the design of the pod we can assume it is Kryptonian in origin.  Here is a list of some suspects I came up with on who or what could be in the pod.


  1. Krypto—First Appearance: Adventure Comics #210 (March 1955)


Krypto was Kal-El’s dog on Krypton when he was an infant.  When Jor-El came up with his plan to save his son by blasting him into space to another planet, Jor-El used the dog as a test subject first.  Although he left Krypton first, Krypto’s rocket was knocked off course and would not be reunited with Kal-El until years later, when Kal-El (now Clark Kent) was operating as the teenage hero, Superboy.  Krypto’s breed was never revealed, he was always illustrated as a white dog of generic pedigree.  Under Earth’s yellow sun he would develop the same powers as any Kryptonian, except his senses of smell and hearing were greater than any humanoid Kryptonian. 

2.—The Eradicator: Action Comics Annual #2 (1989)

The Eradicator was originally a device created by an alien race over 200,000 years ago.  It was used (sometimes misused) to preserve the cultures of many worlds.  After causing havoc on Krypton, it was lost for many years.  Eventually Superman found it during a battle on Mongul’s Warworld.  Bringing the device back to Earth, Superman eventually falls under it’s spell.  The Eradicator tries to remake Superman as an emotionless Kryptonian and remake Earth as a new Krypton.  Superman eventually breaks it’s mental hold and tosses the device into the Sun.  The Eradicator is not destroyed and eventually comes back as a lifeform made of energy.  After another battle that threatens the entire Earth, Superman again believes the entity destroyed.  Months later, when Superman is (temporarily) dead, The Eradicator returns again and this time fashions itself a humanoid body modeled after Superman himself.  The Eradicator is one of four beings who attempts to take Superman’s place.  After Superman’s resurrection, The Eradicator would become his ally and a force for good (most of the time). 

3. Chris Kent (Lor-Zod)—First Appearance: Action Comics #844 (December 2006)


Much like the scene in Supergirl, a spaceship falls to Earth.  Here it is caught by Superman, who discovers a young boy inside.  Reminding Superman of himself, Clark Kent and Lois Lane take the boy in as their foster son.  It is later revealed that the boy is the biological son of Kryptonian criminals General Zod and Ursa, and his true name is Lor-Zod.  After an accident in the Phantom Zone, Chris experiences growth spurts and takes on the identity of the ancient Kryptonian hero Nightwing.  Eventually Chris is returned to his true age and is trapped in the Phantom Zone. 

Well, there are some guesses. Am I on track with any of those or way off?  Let me know! Who did I miss?


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