Magic Items and Zombies

Finally I was able to get back to my Saturday morning game.  It was a good game, not too much adventuring there was only three of us.  We finally made it back to the city from which we were hired to find the artifact.  I came to the game after it started, so I did not now that we were hired by different people for Bethsheba, and Beargub. But that doesn’t change the story.  We were able to spend time just doing stuff, so I was able to find some new boots, and get my armor fixed.  Just for the fun of it, I was looking for some Demon Hunter boots, they did not have any.
I was able to find someone that I could contract with, to head up north to the trading post, and see if my 50 g.p investment has made me any money.  I was also able to a tune myself to one of the magic items I have from the temple.  The Glove are called the Gloves of Fate, and they allow you to mess with fate.  The problem is that in order to get them to a tune to a player that player has to sacrifice their power to turn the undead.  I am going to try and either sell them or find someone that I can trade with.
We got a new mission at the price of 500 g.p each.  The mission is to head down south, and find a man name Barthromul, and aid him in whatever he may need.  We traveled for some time with a caravan, and then headed off on our own.  It did not take long before we found ourselves in a fight with some zombies.  We almost lost some of the houses we had, but Vorlas being the great man that he is was able to get them back.
When we got to the town we were headed for, it was very edgy in that they don’t like new comers to the town, we ran in to the Sheriff, and he told us we were only allowed to stay in town long enough to meet with Bart and then we had to leave.  We found Bart in the local temple and learned that we were going to have to go in to the Crypt and destroy whatever was in there, but first we had to get the key to the crypt from the mayor.
The Group is now ready to go in to the Crypt, so next week we will see what happens, so until then Keep Gaming.

Posted on November 1, 2015 .