Dragons and EDH

                Let me start with a story.  My friend show’s up at my house to say Happy Birthday, and he had a deck of magic cards in his hand.  I asked him if they were from the new set.  He said no, but it was something he just put together, and wanted me to see it.  It was a really cool dragon EDH deck and want to me to see all the nasty stuff that you could do with it.  Then he should be the lands that are in it, and asked if I had any of the Guild gates and Mazes End, I said I have two of every gate, and if he need them, and processed to take the gates out of this deck, and I again said if you need gates I can get them of you and he said I needed the gates and proceeded to give me the deck.
                Happy Fricking Birthday to me.  It was; is a great deck.  I needed someone to play a game with me so I could see what it does, and so I could write a blog about it.  Yesterday was as my kids say it my Real birthday, and I called someone to come over.  We played three games and here is how it went down.
                Game 1:  This game was tuff, when I got the deck, it was not shuffled and so this game was the first time.  I was not shuffled every well, and maybe I should have taken more than one mulligan and got more land.  I was on turn away from being able to do something that might have saved the game. The opponent played a card that was going to destroy one of my lands, he was having a hard time deciding because what was it going to matter.  With a little help from me in getting him to stop wasting time, he destroyed my Mountain, and that really was what in the end cost me the game.
                Game 2:  This was my game, everything was going the way it should have.  Got my commander out, and was able to do so many things to the bad guy.
                Game3:  I don’t know why but I gave this game to the other player, he was just doing stupid stuff and maybe I just wanted it to end, so I should him his mistake and on and then did something so he could have his turn and do what he should have on his first time after casting a card.
                So there you have it, in the end I was 1 of 3 and that is 33%, and now until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on October 21, 2015 .