One more Week

                It has been a good I was able to get some things sold on eBay, I have to get more things up.  I have decided that I am going to sell my decks for some time right know.  I would like to get some other things going, so the Magic Podcast will just have to wait.
                This week was mostly spent trying to get the business going better.  There is a huge sale right now at the website.  I am going to be doing the sale on cards and other items that I put one EBay.
                It has been about a month and a half that I was able to play the 5e game, yesterday was a good day to play.  We started in a battle arena has the new combatant’s.  The first battle was some Hyena’s and the second was some orc’s that battle was a little harder but we still got the win.  Then things got real we had to grab Bathsheba and get the crap out of there, we were all riding on a wagon being chased by some bug things on Grasshoppers.  We had a shape-shifter that looked a little like Bathsheba and Bathsheba, and some other old friends.
                So it turned out that jumping throw the portal in the temple with the artifact caused some kind of time storm that is going to destroy the world, if we don’t get back through that portal.  So next time that is what we have going on the next time we play.
                I have finally started playing my Neverwinter game, I am doing it on roll20 and so far it is going good. Last night I only had three of my players show up, so we did not get deep in to it but it was a good game, and again the players proved that they are going to do whatever they want.  They might be working with the Red Wizards so that will be interesting.
                I have to get some Pregens done for games, and con’s that I am going to, but I am not sure that the Extra-life event is going to happen, the only people that have posted about going are myself and the people that are hosting it. And unto this it is the end, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 4, 2015 .