201 is not the 501st

As I sit on the train headed to the city to find a new job, it is a great time to work on the blog.  There are going to be more Magic decks on EBay this week.  Right not I have a Green and Red Lowryn deck I just have to get up.  I am hoping to get two new decks up every day.
                I am hoping to get some more work done on the website, I am still having my sale, and I have not fixed it so everything is 82% off, that is crazy and I will be fixing it this week.
                I have some videos that I should get up.  I am going to create two new channels on You Tube.  One will be for the Comic’s, It is going to be called Grim Comic’s, the other one is going to be called The Dragon Lord, it will be for all the D&D stuff I am going to be doing.
                I have not done too much writing for the Neverwinter game but I should the players are now in the House of Knowledge, and moving fast.  I think I told you last time that I have started making changes already for the second draft.  I have a few monsters that I might have to change.
                I should start working on other stuff too, I have been thinking that this week I would sit down and start mapping out Wonderland, and getting that going.  I also want to map out one of the books I am going to be working on.

Posted on October 14, 2015 .