The end of an other Week

                I was going to write that I was just about to give up, on the Play by Post game that I am in, but the DM posted some stuff and the fight is still on.  I hope that the new person in the group will work out this time.  I am a little worried, because they are already asking if you don’t know about the artifact why we would bring it back to the city.       
                I don’t play a lot of video games, mostly because there is so much more you can do, in a game like D&D, but I am really excited about the remake of Final Fantasy VII, so I have started playing the old one again.  Plus someday I would still like to write an adventure based on it.

                I have been playing a lot in the night game, I will be playing tonight and was thinking that maybe I would make the Northern clan blog about that game.  I have started playing the paladin again, so now I have that and the cleric that I play and if we are playing on a not schooled day I also play the rouge in the group.
                I have started writing the bio for the Minotaur Paladin, and I am using some of the things in the back of the PHB. II, I really like how it is set up, and with the things you take you can get skill bonuses.  So I just find a way to add those in to what I want to write.  I will be getting some bracers made out of White Dragon scales, but I am going to need 1,000 g.p
                The new Cleric that I am playing Sister Guin of Water Deep, she is fun I don’t like the two-weapon fighting in 4e, but I might get in to it, because she just got a spiked shield.  So we will see how that goes, I might just make it a second weapon or use it for my op attacks.
                Tonight I need to get some writing done on the Neverwinter game, I also have a blog for that game that I need to get done when I am done with this one.
                I think that is it for this day, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on August 22, 2015 .