A great week for gaming

                I got my school work done on time, and was hoping that I might get some company stuff done.  The credit card is in the car so get the next month of the website will have to wait, and I might only be able to add a few more Magic cards on the site.  I was also hoping to get some writing on the Neverwinter game, but I will get a lot of that done on Friday.
                It has been a good week of gaming, I was able to get to both my day game and my night game.  In the day game we had the final battle at the wind temple, the other adventuring group the ones of the false Paladins, found us at the artifact.  Bathsheba was not going to let them have it and so she grabbed it and jumped through a portal.
                The other group was led by Telling Wizard that was ready for a fight but he was not going to be part of it, leaving one of the paladins with us he when to the clock guardian and moved the chain to the wrong time and we were attacked by some magical armor.
                I was going to try and kill the wizard but the group did not really want me to until, he screwed us and then suddenly they all wanted me to kill him.  It is kind of funny how that works, that when a fight is going to happen any way so I try to get the jump on them and we better wait and see what happens.
                I know have a new person or to hunt down when we find our way back, for after the battle we all jumped through the portal, I know it was a good way to make up for the fact that the player who is Bathsheba was not there but Guin, still has a thing for her so she had to make sure she was ok.
                We are now somewhere where there is lots of red sand maybe the nine hells maybe not, but somewhere.  If we were on the Nine Hells I would be able to found a Succubus that I could make a pact with and become a Warlock.
                In the night game we got two new plays, and I gave one of them my Paladin because he wanted to play a male, so I am know playing a female sword mage.  That was different because at the time I did not know her character she was not done, but all the powers she has bring the bad guys to her, but her AC was only 11.  I fixed that and now it should be all good, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on August 16, 2015 .