Day 30 favorite gaming experence

                It has been two days since the last day of the 30 day challenge so I should get that done, and here it
                There have been a lot of games in my days, and a few DM’s.  I think there have been good times and some bad ones, but I have a top Three dm’s list because you always know you were going to get something good.
1.       Would have to be my first Dm not only was a family friend, but was really good at story telling.
2.       Would have to be the one of the two that I have now.  He has been playing for a long time and always has good stuff. 
3.       The second one that I play with now.  There really is nothing better than playing as a giant robot.
So it is short but there it is all done.  So until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on August 2, 2015 .