A Time Keeper and Magic

                I will just start at the begging and go from there.  I think the two play by post games are all but dead.  That really is kind of a bummer.  I was having some fun with the assassin, and trying to get my game test played.  I will see if I can find a group to help me with that or I will just get my kinds to help me.
                I have started playing a new 4e game on roll20.net it is ok, so far I have not do too much.  Right now I am chained to a wall.
                I have started playing Magic the Gathering Origins, it was free on steam so I thought I would check it out.  I like it better than the ones I played on the PlayStation, the story seems better even though I feel they have used these planes walkers to death and could use many of the other ones.  I was kind of hoping to play the board game tonight but I will have to do that some other time.
                The 5e game is going great.  We finally got to the temple that has the artifact for our first mission.  There is about to be a fight.  But what happen this week, we found lots of treasure and the other rouge found the one trap that would kick the carp out of us.
                He also found a room full of mimic’s and it was great. He started fighting one of them and got it out to the main hall with the rest of us, but I was not going to help him, if he died I would not be too sad.  We all so found some magic items. I got a pair of gloves, scarf and a rob.  There was also a clock and a toga.
                I found this one room and in was a pit that people had built to do some spiritual stuff it was kind of crazy the idea was the you had to die to become stronger.
                And the final room, when we got a cross the three bridges that right, the group each took a different bridge.  The was a statue of a man that keep time, the goal was to answer the riddle to find out what time it was to be.  Well they were working on that I tried to cross the path and got stuck in the glue.
                There you have it, so until next time Keep gaming.

Posted on August 2, 2015 .