Day 13 & 14

                Oh man it is another double hitter, am I play #D&D or baseball.  So today we are going to look at my favorite trap and favorite NPC.
                Traps are fun, I wish that in 4e they worked the same as in old games, but I tried one time to make them work and it was ok.  In Grimtooth’s traps I am not sure what vol it is, but it is product #8501.  On page 2 is a room trap that has to wheels that slam in to barrels of acid.  I love this trap and in one of my 4e games I used it, it was great.
                One of the players was not able to get out, and was burned because of the acid.  And what came next was even better, two of the players tried to sew a mask on to his face.
                I am not sure I have a favorite NPC, there have been so many throughout the years.  I can say that in the 5th edition game I am playing there have been a few that I don’t like.  Ok I lied she is not really a D&D character but she runs a D&D game, and she is Tinny Tina.  She is one badass mofo. And I need to create someone based off of her that would be fun.  So there it is, until next time Keep Gaming

Posted on July 15, 2015 .