A new Commander

I had to make a new EDH deck, because that is all one of my players has.  I found two cards I could use for commanders.  One was black, green and white.  The other was red and white.  I thought I could do both, and then I would have two decks, but the more I looked at my red and white cards I thought I could use them to rebuild my Human deck.
                In the end I made the black, green and white deck.  My commander is Teneb, the  Harvester
                X7 Forest
                X26 Swamps
                X7 Plans
                Grissy Spectacle
                Bloodline Keeper
                Child of Night
                Mass of Ghouls
                Raise Dead
                Stromkirk Patrol
                Essonce Warden
                Zealous Persecution
                Death Baron
                Dross Prowler
                Vampire Outcasts
                Tainted Specter
                Dreg Mangler
                Sewer Ghambler
                Deathspore Thalid
                Vampire Nighthawk
                Strength from The Fallen
                Onyx Goblet
                Twisted Abomination
                Animate Dead
                Grave digger
                Screeching Bat
                Markov Patrician
                Grave Scrabbler
                Barony Vampire
                Search for Tomorrow
                Sengir Vampire
                Bloodflow Connoisseur
                Baleful Eidolon
                Driegraf Ghoul
                Caravan Vigil
                Phyrexian Delver
                Midnight Charm
                Blood Seeker
                Shepherd of Rot
                Pulse Tracker
                Infectious Host
                Weed Strangle
                Daily Regimen
                Bloodrage Vampire
                Polukranos, World Eater
                Doom Blade
                Tendrils of Corruption
                Shadow Alley Denizen
                Soul Net.
                So there is a new EDH deck, I am sure I will be making some changes to it latter.  So until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 18, 2015 .