The robots are coming

If you are as old as I am you know what this is, if you are not you still might, but this is a Gundam a kick butt robot, and there is only one thing better then watching this on tv.
That thing is Being about to be a Gundam in a D&D game.  So let’s get in today’s 5e game.  It started with a recap that caused me to say out loud that today we are going to play Veltron.  An other robot cartoon for the 80’s.
                There was only one more amulet that we need to get in order to save the city of Tesrades.  Giun had have enough of the city and it was time to go so she was going to do what ever it took to get out.  When the Consular showed himself she shot him.  It was a good wound and the only one that she was going to be able to get on him.  For before the battle started he transformed in to a werebore, he also had some undead friends.
                The battle was a good one, but just before he died he did something that would become great.  He used his amulet the last one we need and placed it in the table of power, and became frozen in place.  Once we killed all the Undead we too used the amulets and something wonderful happened.
                We found ourselves coming out of the river as giant robots, with many great powers.  My super power was to create earthquake with my hammer.  It was a recharge power that was based on a d8.  I was only able to use it one time for the whole fight only lasted five rounds.
                After destroying a large part of the city we broke the link to our robots and found the consular about to be killed by an revlent that wanted his revenge, and then we left the tower and got our reward for saving the day, and are now making ready to finally leave this city.
                There are now many things that Guin needs to find out about, so she can build her army of robots that she might take over the world.  She also has to write the contract for the bard that is writing her play.  And figure out what she is going to do to the other rouge.
                Now it is time to get back on the road to the temple, so until next time Keep Gaming.   

Posted on June 28, 2015 .