Mini fest

                This is the paladin mini that I used in the Dessert of Desolation game that I played in.  I don’t remember what I named her, but at some point her sword arm got broken.  In this blog we are going to look at some of the minis I have made using Hero Forge,
                Let’s start with the new Amber that is what we will call her because I don’t remember her name.  A female Paladin.  She will be one of the few female paladins in my gaming world.  The game that we were playing in was a castles and crusades game. 
                Since we are talking about the C&C game let’s move to the next character in that game, Cobber.  Cobber is a half-orc cleric, he was the character I was playing when we found the paladin.  He was the second character I played for the first one was killed by an assassin.
                Next is Guin, the assassin I am playing in my 5e game.  She is 6’2 and really greedy.
                Now we are going to look at some of the characters from the 1st edition game that I played in.  I was the only one playing so I got to run six of them but I cannot remember the last one and cannot find the character sheet.
                Dj the female cleric, she has save the group more than once.
                Crash Foefighter Dwarven Rouge fighter.
                Dragon a Human fighter.
                Zembuto Human monk
                And last is Morgana the Female human wizard.
                I love playing all of the characters from the 1e game and don’t really have a fav.  I had a ton of fun playing Cobber and it is always a good time being Guin.
                There are so many more mini’s I would love to make, plus the kids have decided that they need their own minis so I am going to be doing that soon.  I might have to hold off on the family con until I can get their minis so they have them for the con.  I think they would really enjoy that.  So there you have it some minis, so until next time keep Gaming.

Posted on June 28, 2015 .