A New World Order

                I don’t even know what this is, it is some kind of spider mech that my assassin in my 5e game wants to build.  She wants power and what better way to get then to take it with this wonderful weapon.
                Her goals were simple, in that she is greedy so she wants money, she is going to build a school that she can use to find people to join her guild, and to build this spider mech.  However I was thinking today that some of those goals might be changing.

                This is an Atlas Paladin Titian, it comes from the show RWBY, and Guin has found a new toy.  Not only has she found a new toy, but she has found a new goal, with the power of the titian she is going to set her sights on taking of the world.
                There might be some problems with her team, only one other person in the group is of an evil nature.  The bard and the other Rouge could be turned and maybe the druid if there is enough ale, but it might be very hard for her to get her barbarian friend to follow her, he sometimes is the only sound of reason in the group.
                This new goal is something to think about, I was thinking that the next time we played I was just going to shot the person we are encountering and get him out of the way, so we could do what we needed to.  Now I am thinking that he might be someone I can use, or the idea that we are fighting on the wrong side. She has not really liked the shifters that she has meet for the most part.

Posted on June 20, 2015 .