This Sunday is Father’s day.  For some it is the best Holiday and though I enjoy it, there are many better holidays then this one.  Now that being said, I got my gaming Roots from my dad.
                He played D&D when he was younger with some people that I would play with, but the only thing I really remember was going to Tracy Hickman’s house and playing with his kids while my dad played D&D.  And now I working on getting my kids in to gaming.  We play all kinds of games
                I don’t remember getting my dad anything for father’s day, maybe when I was older I got him video games or stuff.  My most of my kids are young so they get me what mom get me, plus most of the time they benefit as well for example last year they got me tickets to the Salt Lake Comic Con.
                This year I think I will get the D&D 5e starter box, I am hoping to run that game on Saturday for Free RPG day.  I also need the Dead Pool weapon kit.  I would like tickets to the gaming con and the comic con, but I might be getting press passes for those. 
                I am about 200 words short but that is all I so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on June 17, 2015 .