It's lost

                AS I sit here adding songs to a new playlist for when I am writing on my games, it is time to make a new blog.  It has been about three weeks since the last one that is not good.  I am kind of sad this time, I have lost one of my D&D books and am going to have to buy it again.  It was Dragons of Hope, DL 3. 
                I have not been writing like I should be, and will refocus starting today when I am done with my blogs.  I can’t wait to be done with my Masters because then I will be able to focus every day on my games and the things I need to do for that.  I have two videos that I have to make today, I will get those done when I am done blogging.
                The D&D Next game is going good.  It would be a little better if there was more than just my cousin and I plus the DM.  So if you are readying this and life close to the Orem, Utah area we would love to have you stop by and try it out.  I went to Encounters to try and find more people and I might try one more time but I don’t think it will pan out.  As far as the Encounter itself went I did not like it too much, I don’t know if it was the game or the people I was playing with but I will do a special on that.
                The two Play by Post games, kind of took a back sit of a min, but now they are going again, the game I am playing in all the players are awake and we are heading to kill some goblins.  The Neverwinter game is about to meet some bad guys, I am kind of hoping they run in to the demons that are keeping the bell tower.
                With school and podcast I have not been doing well at my music list, but here is what I have.
410: Bob Dylan; (Time0 Out of Mind).  I would keep this one, and play it in the shop.
409: The Door; (Strange Days).  It’s a Hit.
408: Sinead O’ Connor; (I Do Not Want What I Don’t Have).  This album was ok, but I would not play it again.
407: The Clash; (Samdomosta) I liked this one and would use it again.
406: PJ Harvey; (Rid of Me) I would keep this album as while.

                While there you have it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 8, 2015 .