It's Game Time

            It is that time again to look at what happen this week in gaming.  I did not work on writing the Neverwinter game, so there is much that needs to be done in the coming week.  There is word that we might be going back to Crypts and Things so there will be more Northern Clan blogs.
            The Neverwinter game is going great.  The bard is now part of the group.  They are starting to try and figure out what happen to the rouge, what they don’t know is that she is not coming back.  So now it is time to explore the House of Knowledge, it will be great.  I am thinking that I am going to leave the organ in the house and just lower the value of it, because they are going to get it right off, or will have it move if they are able to turn it off.
            The play by email game I am playing in might be dying; I am the only one that has been posting for about a week and a half now.  I am going to get some hirelings because I don’t what to stop playing yet.  One person might be post again, but his character is freezing.
            The 5e game is going good.  My cousin and I are the only ones that ever show up, so after the starter we are going back to Crypts and Things.  This week we made it to Thunder Rock, or whatever it was called.  The fight with the dragon was great we all most killed it, but that was only because my cousin’s characters rolled three crits on it.
            There will be a new YouTube show up tonight I am going to start working on a new project, I am going to be looking at all the books I have, and going through them and all the good things they have.  And might have just got a new idea, for a weather show, for D&D.
            I think that is all the gaming for the week, so lets’ look at the music list.  There are 9 this week.  So it should be good.
            419: Portishead (Dummy).  This one was good, I would use it in the store.
            418: Paul McCartney and Wings: (Band on The Run).  I know who Sir Paul is, and I will listen to this again and play it in the store.
            417: U2; (Boy).  This was good, I would play it again in the store, but is not my fav U2, so I would not play it at home.
            416: Tom Waits, (Mule Variations).  This cd’s was ok.
            415: Van Halen (Van Halen).  Good stuff here, keep it going.
            414: The Go-Go’s, (Beauty and the Beast). We got the Beat was the only song I liked so I might play it in the store but not at home.
            413: Minuteman, (Doubles Nickels on the Dime) f bombs away.
            412: Wire (Pig Flag).  This was a good album, I would play it in the store and again when I was working on stuff.
            411: Eric Clapton (461 Ocean Boulevard).  This I would play in the store.
So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on January 18, 2015 .