A New Game

                To start I think I am done with keeping track of the top 500 albums of all time, right now with school and other things it is kind of hard plus I have always felt that it is hard to do things like that because time has not ended yet and there are still albums to come.  The Endless River by Pink Floyd is a good one.
                Now let’s get started, the play by post game that I play in is going ok, we are in a house with some kobolds looking for an artifact that will help us travel through time and find someone that we need, we have to find for people that have gone missing, and I felt that we should start with this one because it was going to be the hardest.
                The Neverwinter game is slow, I have waited for about a week for two people to get back to me so we are moving on without them.  The group has just entered a fight with an Imp, the mage used magic missile to brake the door open without know what was in the room. 
                I have started playing a new Crypt and Things game that is fun.  I have talked about it on the Northern Clan blog so I am not going to get in to it here but it will be nice when the other player will be able to join us.
                Today I started a new 5 edition game, and I like it.  I am playing a human assassin there is also a druid, a fighter and a barbarian in the group, I am also guessing there is a mage that was not with us today.
                I was thinking that when I went to encounter’s I did not have a lot of fun, but with the group today it was great I don’t know if it is because when I was at encounters everyone was power gaming or if it is because I know with this group, if I went thought a portal in the wall the others would follow.

                While there you have it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 28, 2015 .