The join of school

            It has been some time, but I have been working on school work so there has not been a lot of gaming.  But the end is close so there will be more blogs coming.
            Most of the gaming I have done is the Dr, Who game on the tablet it is a fun game.  The other game I have been playing is Diablo III.  I don’t spend a lot of time on that game just because I would like to be doing other things.
            Because I have not been doing any gaming I have not been keeping up on the list of cd on the top 500 albums.  I will try and get back in to that next week.  I have been trying to get through all my podcasts that I listen to, and Spotify, I have been spending some time on that site.
            This week I am going to be starting a new Crypts and Things game so I will have stuff to add to the Northern Clan Blog that will be fun.  I am thinking I am going to play a rouge or a mage, I don’t know yet we will see what the others want to do.  I hope we don’t run in to the sword of the Green Dragon.
            I have been working on B1 for the game I am going to play with my kids and a friend from work.  I am almost done with the first level.  I am thinking I will be ready for that family con in April or May.

            While this is a short one so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 22, 2015 .