This week in Gaming #23

            While Christmas has come and gone, and we are all still here.  I don’t have a music list this time, I have been trying to get my Itunes list on my new tablet, and youtube is not working for me so there is that.
            There is a new game store in the Provo mall, it is called the Puzzler; it is kind of cool.  I am not sure if it is just one of those stores that is only around for the season and then it is gone.  It is kind of small so it would not be a good hang out place.  I hope that it is a round for a while the Provo store really needs shops.  I did find one this at this store that I would love to have.  The Dr. Who risk, the armies are all derlike, so I would have to start every turn by shouting Exterminate.
            The play by post games are going really well.  In the game I am playing we are about to time travel so that will be fun.  I am starting to think that my assassin will multiclass as a mage or just get training to so she can use rituals. 
            My Neverwinter game is going great.  The group is about to start the House of Knowledge, that is going to be fun, I can’t wait until they get to the monster I have created.  The book worm, there are some parts that are like the purple worm, but I needed something as a base, I might change it as we go.  While it is short this time but until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on December 29, 2014 .