The New Year.

            This is the first post of the new year, so there is much to share.  I was finally able to get to my face to face game.  It was good, I am playing a Dwarven Cleric.  We are playing through the mod that comes in the D&D Next Starter Set, so far it is good.  The thing that stood out for the game was I told the ranger to kill the rat that was in the room with us, he did not and it came back to haunt him, for the wizards cast a spell through the rat.
            The Neverwinter game is going good; I have one more person that will be joining us, as soon as the players find him.  They are fighting a storm orc, and then they will be at the House of Knowledge.  I have done some writing for the game but I will write that in the other blog.
            The 4e game that I am playing in, is also going good.  We are about to hunt down some kobolds, we might have to travel in the snow, that might be fun.  I think it is funny I am playing a striker, but seem to be the one leading the team.
            With the New Year comes a renew effort to going the business going in the right direction.  So I am starting with two goals.  The first being Phase I, getting the podcast back up, and get it producing.  Part of that plain is getting better equipment so it will be a better podcast.  I have found a fourth person that will be part of the show so we will have some good games.
            The second thing that I am shooting for in Q1 is to get Escape from Cyclops Island to the mark it.  That means get it typed on the new computer, and get the art work I need.  I am going to push to get this done.  We are still going to be making YouTube shows but that is more focus in Phase II so that is where we are with that.
            While on the Music list I was disappointed with all of the ones I heard this week so I am just going to tell you what they are .
            425: Gram Parsons, (Grievous Angel).
            424: Bruce Springsteen, (The Rising).  This one was good.
            423: Diana Ross and the Supremes, (Anthology)
            422: The Ronettes, (Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes).
            There you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on January 4, 2015 .