It's been a long time

     It's been a while but between moving and trying to get a masters degree, it is some times hard to post, but I am here now so Let's get it on.
     I will start with Free RPG day, I love this day, it is a day to do something kind of different then the every week thing that I do.  This year I decided that I was only going to be a player so myself a friend from work and one other guy that has joined our normal group all sat down to play some DCC.  I had a really good time playing DCC, this time I played a cleric a halfling and two worriers the goal was to get a box from a mage, the catch was that in order to keep the monster in the box you had to feed it lawful blood.
     There was not a big turn out this year, there was only one other group, and they were playing Pathfinder I don't know if it was due to the group, or the DM but they did not seem to any fun the only time we heard anything from them was when the DM dropped a chair on his foot.
     I need to get the podcast back up, I am hoping to figure out who is going to be joining me and fix it according to that.  I am going to get more Youtube stuff up, Casey and I are going to start playing Boarderland I and then we will move on too 2.  The ebay store is going good, I will hopefully get some more stuff up tomorrow.  I think that is it for now so until  next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 28, 2014 .