This week in gaming #15

      Wow look at that two post in a row, kind of like it really is A Gamer A Day.  Today I want to start by saying that I am extending my contest to the blogs, if any reader of any of my blogs becomes a follower of the blog, they will be added to the contest for 3 booster packs of the Theros set and a starter set of the new D&D Next game.
      Now with that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff.  Today I started building a Black and White life gain deck.  There are still a few cards that I need to get or find cards that I like but it is coming along.  the cards that I have are
X3 Kingpin's Pet
X2 Urborg Syphon-Mage
X2 Dread
X1 One Thousand Lashes
X1 Cartel Aristocrat
X1 Throne of Bone
X1 Tithe Drinker
X1 Markow Patrician
X1 Death Grasp
X1 Ashen Rider
X1 Elixir of Immorality
X2 Debt to the Deathless
X1 Sorin's Vengeance
X1 Pharika's Cure
X2 Harrowing Journey
X1 Infernal Harvest
X1 Tendrils of Corruption
X1 Lost Soul
X2 Fear
X1 Riot Control
X4 Kithkin Zealot
X1 Gift of Immortality
X1 Hopeful Eidolon
X1 Nearheath Pilgrim
X2 Tablet of the Guilds
X1 Soul Net
      Not all the cards are this list are going to be in the deck, I just need something to start with.
      I have wanted to build a Green and White Spirit deck for some time, but today while working on the other deck, I started thinking that maybe I will make it a five colored spirit deck.
      I am going to be writing a new article for the website, the article is going to be about Time, it should be fun.  While until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 29, 2014 .