This week in Gaming #9

      It has been a very busy week, this past week.  I have stopped working on both my books kind of, I was working on the gaming book but due to other projects.  I will be putting that one on hold, but I have started working on the other book during the 15 min before I go in to work everyday.
      I am only working on one project at a time right now, I was working on the Final Dream I, but I am now working on Escape from Cyclops Island, the reason for this is that it is going to be able to get it done and test played, and then I am going to put it on Lulu or DrivetruRPG.  I have not yet decided but I have a few months before I have to worry about that.
      I have to edit the next podcast, I will do that after I am done with this post.  We only played Magic this week, and next week we are going to be off because my daughter is turning 18.  So I have a few weeks to work on Neveragain and the Castles and Crusades games. 
      So this week on everyday but Thursday I will be working on Escape from Cyclops Island.  Thursday I will be working on B1 for the Castles and Crusades game that I don't know when we are going to do it this month.  because there is no game this week and next week is Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on April 7, 2014 .