15 days and the assassin

      In 15 days it is Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X, oh it is going to be great.  On the Saturday I will cosplaying David Jones, my guy from the Solomon Kane game that I play in. 
      Sunday night I worked on the Final Dream.  I am in the middle of room six, I am placing an NPC assassin in this room.  Her name is Chantel Jones, the door as two traps on it both do strength damage.
      Last night I worked on Escape from Cyclops Island.  I got one room done and tonight I will finish two more rooms, the room I am working on now has a fresh water spring, but the spring is full of trash.  If the players search in the spring they will find a sword.  While it is short but there it is so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on April 2, 2014 .