This week in Gaming #5

      It is Sunday again so here we go.  I am hoping to get some painting done, if I do I will be working on the storm giant.  it is taking a long time but I have got to the point that I am just working on them one at a time.  So we will start there and then I will to the female cloud giant.  I need to learn how to make something like it is covered in ice before I do the frost giants.
      Yesterday Casey and I did a podcast at a Anime Banzai party.  Because I had to post pic's and podcast I did not work on the book.  So now I have three days this week to do so.  I don't have to work tomorrow so i am hoping that I can double up and get more work done.
      Wednesday: this week I will be working on the Castles and Crusades game, we are going to be playing that on Saturday.  I will be working on B1 In search of the Unknow,  I had done some stuff for my D&D game but never played it, so now I will be writing for castles and crusades.
      Thursday: I am behind on writing for Escape from Cyclops Island, I did not work on it last week, my brother-in law asked me to go play basketball with him so I did.  This week I will be working on Thursday so when I get home I can work on it for an hour or two. 
      Friday, when I went to work on the Final Dream I did not like the way the the level looked so I started redrawing it.  I have done 35 rooms and there is still more to draw before I can put the monsters in.  I don't work on Friday so I might go to the game store and get more work on it done, if I could finish mapping and then get some detail on the rooms done that would be great.  While I think that is it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on March 2, 2014 .