Welcome to WonderLand

      Tonight I will be working on The Final Dream.  But before I get in to that lets start taking about the up coming Salt Lake Comic Con FanX.
      Today in the mail my daughter got her Alice in Wonderland costume.  She has been wearing it all day.  We also had to go and get some thing for my wife to make her Queen of Hearts costume.  She will also be making the Hare, a Card and my Mad Hatter costumes.
      Now Lets get to some Dungeons and Dragons.  I will be placing the monsters in level two.  I don't know what monsters I am going to us yet, I might just look through the books and see what look goods, most likely some goblins and orc's and any thing ugly.
       I also have to do the room of Jack and Jill, This is one of the the rooms that has the most magic in it.  Jill's stuff is still here.  weapons and armor and all kids of stuff.  I think that because there is so much stuff in this room there should be a big boss type.  I don't want to put a dragon in here because I might but one in the king's chamber.
      I think that is it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 28, 2014 .