Writing and Painting

      While today I was able to on Awesomeman and the Green Dragon.  After I get some painting done I will go back to working on it.  The players have been invited in to the village of Uptown but do to Marshal  Law they need to turn in their weapons.  I wonder if any of them will think it odd that the mayor is not the one greeting them to the village, or that the Second does not talk only looks upon them through the hood of his robes, or that he follows them everywhere they go.
      So when I get back to it tonight, I need to build the village.  I know there is an inn that has no food for the guests, the temple has been taken over by followers of the Dragon Queen, and the House that is part way in the MT.that the green dragon lives.  Now I just need to Create the info for Dora Dragonspring the bad girl of the adventure/ The Green Dragon.
      There are a lot of things that I need to paint for the Con coming up, I need to do all the bad guys for this game, the ones that I might use in this game and all the other ones that I have.  One of the goblins in the army is wearing Demon Armor so I bought a Demon Mini to use.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on January 4, 2014 .