D&D Next and Grim Fairy Tale Giants

      I was going to add this to my post Yesterday, but then I forgot.  I was at my local game store and heard someone telling others about the new D&D Next.  I am glad that they shared the info but I am not looking for too what is coming.  So after telling us that rods recharge and staffs recharge slowing he said that D&D Next is Wizards version of Pathfinder.
      During the process of D&D 4th edition, I would read things about what was coming from the Wizards website and would think to my self this game is not only not D&D, but it is going to be crap.  While I pre-ordered a copy of the box set anyway, and it was crap.  I don't want to by an other box's set for 105 dollars for an other crap game.  If it really is a version to compete with an other game someone should just tell Wizards that all the have to do is 1.start listening the the fans again and 2. Make the game the fans want.
      So I have started reading the Grim Fairy Tales Comic book, and was thinking that when I go and by more of the Female could giant mini from bones I am going to paint four of them or more like that girls, like one for Alice in Wonderland and the other girl that wears black, then one for Little Red Riding Hood, and so on I think it would really cool and fun.  I am going be using a lot of giants, because one of my favorite games that I have run was Against the Giants.  I did not run it through all the way because I was using for my L5R type game.  But I could run it as is.  Plus the second adventure in the Final Dream will be about dragons or giants.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on January 5, 2014 .