Thursday and Friday

      This week I was able to work on one of my Projects.  It is the first part of my Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition game. 
      Thursday I created one NPC for the city of Dragonville.  His name is Eric Boggs, a lawful evil fighter.
I kind of got the idea for the name from a high school friend.  Eric Bogdin name I know that Boggs is evil and my fried is not, but it is just a name and we all get ideas from things we have and know.  There is a random encounter table for this encounter to see if some monsters will aid Eric in this fight or if he will die out numbered.
      Friday was good, I was able to finish detailing the city.  the Mine and the Farm where the last two things that I needed to get done before I could to the real project of the city.  The castle of King Stonewall.  I am 1/3 of the way done mapping the first level.  I am changing some of the things in the castle and stuff this time, one thing I have add this time is a garden on the first level.  There is going to be an encounter in this room that is not really a room but an area.
      It is my goal that on Monday, I will be able to finish mapping the first level, and start detailing it, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 1, 2013 .